Friday, December 3, 2010

Sumpah sumpah

I had watched this one episode about chameleon in tv. A documentary about the life cycle of chameleon. I find it quite interesting even though I enjoyed every episode of this tv programme.

Maybe bcoz of its ability to change its body colour under certain circumstances makes me amazed. This unique creature is easily stressed and spots will appear on its body as the result. The more stress it feels, the merrier the spots are. Rofl. This will make it looks darker until it turns into grey/black chameleon.

Chameleon can feels so stressed out when there is another chameleon on the same plant. The owner will climb as high as it can to avoid the rival at the bottom of the plant.  Yes, chameleon loves to be in solitary. (sounds like me lol). While for the males, they will turn into black when they are fighting to take over/ defend their territory.

Chameleons only get together when the breeding season popped. Usually they stay together for short period of time. But still, the male have to grip the female from running away as chameleon wants to be alone. Haha. This is so cute. The male will tangled its tail to a stick, while the hands grip the female’s tail. Aww poor male chameleon.

Chameleon takes bath by licking the morning dew. Aww cute. When the female carried some eggs inside its body, the colour will slightly change into bright green blue with soft grey map-like spots. This is to alert other on mission male chameleon that she will no longer entertain any relationship.

Chameleon laid its eggs inside the warm ground. But at the end of the episode, they show that female chameleon has been knocked down by a car. She was in pain, many dark spots appeared as it was in stress, till I can’t withstand it. Why so stupid. Catch the chameleon before it crossed the road!! Ahh poor chameleon. It changed its last colour into light yellow. RIP. 

p/s: solitary is chameleon's middle name. so maybe that's why it appeared in the latest 3D walt disney movie entitled "Tangled" ? who knows =)
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